Rusk High School Alumni Association

Founded in 2002 (See Founding Members), the Alumni Association is dedicated to furthering education by awarding scholarships to approved applicants graduating from Rusk High School each year. (View RHSAA By-Laws)

If you are a Rusk High School graduate, we invite you to come join us! Not only will you be involved in helping RHS graduates further their educational goals, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of your fellow graduates and friends.


Contact Judy Faye Garner at for more information.

Rusk High School Alumni Association Membership

Class of 2019:

Sydnee Seeton, Member

Class of 2017:

Patrick D. Ball, Member
Nicole D. Phifer, Member

Class of 2013:

Juliann Bowling, Scholarship, Member
Jansen Applegate, Scholarship
Lanie Cockrum, Scholarship
Reece Goldsberry, Scholarship
Sydney Littlejohn, Scholarship
John Marchetti, Scholarship
Shivangi Patel, Scholarship
James Ruiz, Scholarship
Jacob Tylich, Scholarship
Nathan Upshaw, Scholarship

Class of 2012:

Luke Campbell, Scholarship
Ryesha Cook, Scholarship
Paige Fincher, Scholarship
Kasey Finley, Scholarship
Saydid Hernandez, Scholarship
Chey McNair, Scholarship
Annie Melton, Scholarship
Ella Melton, Scholarship
Dakota Stewart, Scholarship
Callie Wallace, Scholarship
Sydney Womack, Scholarship

Class of 2011:

Chris Brown-Pruitt, Scholarship
Haley Fourd, Scholarship
Amanda Gilchrest, Scholarship
Jordan Magruder, Scholarship
Thomas Marchetti, Scholarship
Kristi Noland, Scholarship
Alex Perry, Scholarship
Shelby Perry, Scholarship
Jim Stingley, Scholarship
Randall Upshaw, Scholarship
Allison Whitton, Scholarship

Class of 2010:

Alison Bowling Jones, Member
Grace Castillo, Scholarship
Noel Dominy, Scholarship
Nelcy Hernandez, Scholarship
Alyssa Marks Halbert, Scholarship, Life
Emily Marugg, Scholarship
Kelsey Palmer, Scholarship
Jessica Russell, Scholarship

Class of 2009:

Rachel Ellzey, Scholarship
Kala Finley Moore, Scholarship
Kensie McMurry, Scholarship
Kebra Monk, Scholarship
Kristen Parsons, Scholarship
Kassidy Stanley, Scholarship
Lainey Upshaw, Scholoarship
Trent Vaught, Scholarship

Class of 2008:

Steven Halbert, Member
Katie French Stover, Member
Melissa Blankenship Dennis, Scholarship
Adrian Fernandez, Scholarship
Horrace Lewis, Scholarship
David Robbins, Scholarship
Amy Serrato, Scholarship
Rachel Simmons, Scholarship
Kayla Thompson, Scholarship
Elizabeth Torres, Scholarship

Class of 2007:

Cord Stover, Member
Cierra Cheri Ballard, Scholarship
Ryan Clayton Curtis, Scholarship
Kyle Thomas Garner, Scholarship
Kinsey Claire Gresham, Scholarship
Elizabeth Kathleen Guinn, Scholarship
Sheena Charme' Henderson, Scholarship
Brent Jones, Scholarship
JayAnna Magruder Byrd, Scholarship
Casey Elizabeth Sosby, Scholarship

Class of 2006:

Tara Derrington Hudnall, Member
Carmen Carroll, Scholarship
Randa Derrington, Scholarship
Crystal Henderson, Scholarship
Jami McCarty Hicks, Scholarship
Jason Turney, Scholarship

Class of 2005:

Amber Michelle Cummins, Member
Melissa Bergemann, Scholarship
Ashley Cheadle, Scholarship
John Gilleland, Scholarship
Casey Jones, Scholarship
Sarah Prater, Scholarship
Lacy Wade, Scholarship

Class of 2004:

Rebecca Loden Sosby
Ashley Long, Member
Tori Gresham Barnes, Scholarship
Jennifer Guinn, Scholarship
Kimberly Jones Meredith, Scholarship
Christopher Richey, Scholarship

Class of 2003:

David Sosby, Member
Sarah Parsons Clayton, Member
Jessica Rae Cox, Member
Brandi Black, Scholarship
Misty Blackmon, Scholarship
Heather Conner, Scholarship
Simeon Scallon, Scholarship
Irene Torres, Scholarship

Class of 2002:

Anthony Garner, Scholarship
Ryan Rogers, Scholarship

Class of 2001:

Amy Nicole Derrington Norton, "Charter" Member
Jereme Andrew Hubbard, "Charter" Member

Class of 2000:

Neill D Long, Member

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