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Sartain Family

Sartain Family
Tommye Sartain Pickett, Mrs. Evalee Sartain, Mike Sartain

The Tom and Evalee Brunt Sartain family, Jim Sartain, Tommye Lee Sartain Pickett, Mike Sartain, Robert Sartain, Jane Sartain Woods, and Mrs. Evalee Sartain, presented a gift to the Rusk High School Alumni Association on October 13, 2001, that will eventually total $20,000. A sum of $4000 will be donated each year for five years. In the interim years a $1000 scholarship for a Rusk High School graduate in memory of Mr. Tom Sartain will be provide by the family. The $4000 will be placed in an endowment fund so that after five years, a $1000 scholarship will be generated yearly from the earnings of the Sartain Family Endowment.

Mr. Tom Sartain was a member of the Rusk Independent School District, Board of Trustees from 1956 until 1983. He was elected board president in 1959 and remained in that position for the rest of his term on the board. Mr. Sartain was a World War II veteran and continued serving his country after the war as an Officer in the Texas National Guard.

He and Evalee Brunt were married in 1937 and reared their children in Rusk, Texas. All their children graduated from Rusk High School and went on to earn degrees at various universities. Tom Sartain was dedicated to the education of the youth of his community, his county, his state, and his country. It is, thereby, fitting indeed, that his legacy of service to education will live on with the establishment of this endowment. The Rusk High School Alumni Association shall be honored to present an annual $1000 Scholarship to a deserving Rusk High School student graduate in honor of Mr. Tom Sartain.

Jim Lovelady, President of the Rusk High School Alumni Association, presented Mrs. Sartain and family a plaque from the RHSAA in appreciation of their generous donation. Another plaque, inscribed with Tom Sartain's name, was presented to the Principal of Rusk High School, Mr. Ricky Hassell. This plaque will be prominently displayed at Rusk High School.

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