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Joe Donald Hubbard

Hubbard Family
Bebe Moore Hubbard, Joe Donald Hubbard, Jim Lovelady

The Alton and Paul Hubbard Memorial Scholarship was established in 2002 by Joe Donald Hubbard in memory of his two deceased brothers, Alton and Paul.

Alton Hubbard graduated in 1942 from Rusk High School and attended Lon Morris College. He was married to Annie Faye McElvaine and was the father of three daughters. He served in the Navy and returned to civilian life to work as an estimator for Temco, an aircraft and missile company with multiple locations in the United States.

Paul Hubbard graduated in 1958 from Rusk High School. He was married to Nettie Mae Garner and they had two sons. Paul operated a country store in Gallatin and was active in the community. He and Nettie Mae enjoyed RVing and bowling. Paul served the U.S. Postal Service for many years as a rural route mail carrier.

A third brother, Robert L. Hubbard graduated in 1952 from Rusk High School and currently lives in Florida. He was a band director, voice teacher, and later served with the Federal Student Loan Administration in Washington, DC. He was a member of the Singing Sargeants of the Air Force. He and wife Jane have a son and daughter.

Joe Donald Hubbard, donor of the endowed scholarship graduated in 1946 from Rusk High School. He attended Lon Morris and graduated from Stephen F. Austin in 1951 with a B.S. in Math and Business. He completed a Master of Education in Business at Stephen F. Austin in 1952. He married Bebe Moore in 1951 and together they have two children, a son and daughter. She worked for both Lon Morris and Stephen F. Austin colleges. Joe completed a Masters of Business Administration at the University of Texas in 1954.

In 1953 he was employed by Temco in Fort Worth and designed accounting systems. He served two years in the army and returned to Temco for work for 30 years until 1984. From 1974 to 1999 he served on Brookshire Brothers Board of Directors in Lufkin. Since the conversion to an employee owned organization, he has served on the Associate Board of Directors.

Jim Lovelady, President of the Rusk High School Alumni Association, presents Mr. Joe Donald and Bebe Hubbard a plaque from the RHSAA in appreciation of their most generous donation to our Rusk youths future educations.

Another plaque, inscribed with Mr. Hubbards name, will be presented to the Principal of Rusk High School, Mr. Ricky Hassell, to be prominently displayed in the School.

The Rusk High School Alumni Association shall take great pleasure in presenting an annual $1000 scholarship, in honor of Paul and Alton Hubbard, to a deserving Rusk High graduating student, beginning in the year 2003.

The officers and members of the Rusk High School Alumni Association give our heartfelt thanks to the Hubbards for this tremendous support.

In 2008 Joe Donald and Bebe added an additional $40,000 to their original endowment. This will now provide three $1000 scholarships to deserving Rusk High School graduates. The Hubbard's generosity is greatly appreciated . Sadly, Joe Donald passed away shortly after this second donation. He will always be rememberd by his former Rusk High classmates for the love of his high school and regard for the futures of our youth.

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