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The Rusk High School Alumni Association (RSHAA) was founded in Rusk, Texas in February 2002. (See Founding Members). The membership consists of former Rusk High School students and also includes friends of Rusk High School who are Associate Members. The association memorializes former students and teachers who are deceased.

The association is totally non-profit and is recognized as a 501(c)(3) corporation by the Internal Revenue Service. All donations are tax-deductible and all assets of the organization will be used to benefit past, present, and future RHS students. The Board of Directors is elected from the general membership of the association at the biennial meeting. Board members hold a scheduled meeting at least once each calendar quarter and at other times as deemed necessary. A slate of officers is elected by the Board every two years. A set of By-Laws has been adopted to frame the activities of the association and may be amended as needed by a majority vote of either the Board or by a majority vote of members present at any meeting of the Association.

Goals & Mission:
   Φ Foster fellowship of former Rusk High School students and teachers
   Φ Promote the legacy of Rusk High School
   Φ Establish a perpetual scholarship fund in the form of Endowed Funds
   Φ Award Scholarships annually to qualified RHS student applicants
   Φ Sponsor a biennial All Class Reunion of former RHS students and teachers

2024 Scholarship Recipients
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